Data Engineering

Build a Data Transformation and Aggregation Pipeline

E-Nor’s Data Engineering service helps your organization build the data transformation pipelines and data lake you need to perform better analysis, generate better visualizations, and lay the data foundations for artificial intelligence and machine learning optimizations.

Data Engineering, Transformation, and Visualization Infrastructure

E-Nor’s data engineering services enable a unified view of multiple data sources and new opportunities for visualization, analysis, and insight.

Why Choose E-Nor’s Data Engineering Services?

  • E-Nor’s expertise: We can work with you on a solution for building your data transformations and data lake, including data storage and warehousing, database administration, data modeling, data transformations, programming, and systems implementation. We’re also experts at wrangling data from many web data sources, especially Google products, such as:
    • Google Analytics
    • Firebase Analytics
    • AdWords
    • DoubleClick
    • YouTube
  • Building your data lake: E-Nor has partnered with Talend to deliver ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) services. This means we can incorporate any data source your organization has into your data lake, including backend data sources, such as internal databases, as well as data retrievable by accessing web APIs, such as Salesforce.
  • Integrated Data Intelligence teams: Our Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Visualization teams work hand-in-hand to gather data and deliver meaningful reports that you can share all across your company, including with the C Suite.

Data Quality and Data Governance

Everyone in your organization needs to be able to rely on the data they use to make decisions. E-Nor’s commitment to data quality manifests in every aspect of our work.

Our consultants will work with you to ensure alignment between business requirements and engineering work. Our engineers will implement best practices for data collection and incorporate quality assurance checks to make sure your organization has clean, reliable data you can rely on every day.

Additionally, we work with you to incorporate best practices of data governance into your analytics program to ensure that the right people are equipped with the right tools for capturing, integrating, transforming, visualizing, distributing, and analyzing your organization’s data.

E-Nor can work with you to build the right infrastructure for your data lake, with platforms, tools and techniques including:

  • Google Cloud components
    • BigQuery
    • Cloud SQL
    • Datastore
    • Dataflow
    • Dataproc
    • Cloud Storage
    • Pubsub
  • Talend
  • Analytics Canvas
  • R/Python
  • Automation Scripting

Contact us for more about how E-Nor’s Data Engineering service can unlock your data, optimize your ROI, and empower your team.