BigQuery/Google Cloud Platform

No-Ops, Cost-Effective, Integrated Storage and Querying for Advanced Insights

As a powerhouse component of the Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery makes it possible to analyze large, diverse sets of data. It allows you to bring data from various data silos into one data lake for coordinated analysis and go beyond the user interface capabilities of Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics.

As a Google Cloud Platform-certified partner, E-Nor can work with you to gain the following benefits from BigQuery:

  • Integration: integrate your Google Analytics and Firebase data with countless marketing and customer data sources.
  • Automation: we can work with you use Google Cloud SDK for process automation without programming.
  • Visualization: prepare your data in BigQuery for advanced visualizations and automated reporting.
  • Continuity: translate historical Adobe Analytics data into the language of Google Analytics to maintain year-to-year reporting.
  • No-ops: the fully managed cloud-based platform requires no maintenance for the hardware or software infrastructure.
  • Scalability: the scalable platform automatically accommodates increased hosting needs.
  • Low cost: massive storage and fast querying for a fraction of the cost of other data storage platforms, often completely covered by $500 monthly credit for Google Analytics 360 accounts.

Ecommerce Site – Adobe migration

An Ecommerce client came to E-Nor with a migration project: they were moving from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics. They had collected valuable analytics data in Adobe for three years, and it was important for them to be able to continue to incorporate their Adobe Analytics data in over-time analysis.

Since Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics calculate their metrics differently, a post-migration over-time analysis without translation wouldn’t be valid.

E-Nor used Google Compute Engine, Cloud SDK, and BigQuery to load Adobe files into BigQuery and created year-to-year reports after our client migrated to GA. We mapped metrics and gained a deep understanding of how to transform Adobe Analytics metrics into the language of Google Analytics.

Apmex – 12% CPA Reduction

E-Nor worked with the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) – a leading purveyor of precious metals serving millions of customers worldwide – to help them integrate web analytics, CRM data, and email data to drive outstanding bottom-line improvement.

E-Nor’s data engineering experts implemented a solution for Apmex using Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery. The solution stitched together standalone datasets to empower APMEX to analyze individual journeys as well as specifically target customers or customer types.

The insights APMEX gained from their E-Nor implementation resulted in a 12% reduction in costs-per-acquisition (CPA) and reduced resource allocation costs, a 58% increase in targeted customer email opens, 62% conversion increase, and 163% increase in overall value, and a 28% increase in promotional sales. Learn more about E-Nor’s data engineering work with APMEX.

Education Client – Cross-Session Conversion Insights

The primary conversion for our client was online course enrollment. Each course enrollment was tracked within a Google Analytics session, but the limitation was this:

When a user registers for a course, is that the user’s first course registration?

Taking advantage of the raw interaction Google Analytics data in BigQuery, we can now easily examine user behavior from multi-session, multi-device perspective and understand how likely users are to come back for a second and a third course, based on different factors also exported to BigQuery, such as time of year, course category, etc. This flexibility in querying and exploration has provided opportunities for optimization in marketing and course development.

Querying Google Analytics data in BigQuery, we were able to chart first-time and multiple converters across sessions.

E-Nor’s Data Intelligence Services team can help you gain new insights from BigQuery and the Google Cloud Platform. Contact us today.