Extract and Integrate Your Data Sources for Comprehensive Insights

Looking to create a data lake with unlimited data input sources? Leverage E-Nor’s partnership with Talend, a leading data integration software platform, which is also one of BigQuery’s Data Integration Partners. At E-Nor, we work with clients to use Talend – in conjunction with Google Cloud components – to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from a range of data sources into BigQuery, all to form an integrated foundation for insights and data-driven action.

Talend’s ETL Role within Data Engineering and Visualization Architecture

With the Talend platform, you can connect to an unlimited number of data sources in your data extraction and transformation flow.

Take advantage of the following Talend features for enterprise-scale data extraction and transformation:

  • Unlimited connectors and components: 900+ connectors and components as well as the ability to create custom connectors
  • Transformation pipeline: Talend provides a graphical interface for designing the data transformation pipeline to format your data for analysis readiness.

If most of the data you need to aggregate resides within Google Analytics and you don’t need custom connectors, consider Analytics Canvas for your ETL solution.

Automotive Dealership

Our client, an automotive dealership network, wanted to form a data lake gathering data from 1600+ GA accounts, along with data from different 16 data sources, using BigQuery and Talend. Some of the data sources were internal applications and some were cloud-based SaaS services. Gathering all of this data into one data lake made a huge difference in accessibility, enabling several teams to analyze the data from different perspectives, producing various dashboards that revealed correlations and actionable insights.

E-Nor can leverage the power of Talend in the extract/transform/load solutions that we design for our clients. If you need a dedicated Talend license, E-Nor is also happy to work with you as a Talend reseller. Contact us today.

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