Data Strategy

Capture and Analyze the Right Data to Gain Insight and Advantage

Despite an overabundance of data and data sources, organizations are still finding it difficult to provide effective decision support to stakeholders. Organizations face challenges in organizing, governing, and analyzing data.

According to the Harvard Business Review “On average, less than 50% of structured data is used in making decisions—and less than 1% of an organization’s unstructured data is analyzed or used at all.” (source)

Successful organizations are discovering ways to improve their competitive position by enabling advanced analysis insight. They’re getting there by establishing a scalable data foundation, harnessing data intelligence capabilities, and reducing the amount of time spent on data preparation.

While focus is on technology is warranted, process and people are underestimated and undersourced.

And the focus can’t be limited to the technology; it’s also the focus on people and process that will breathe life into your data strategy.

Data-Informed Insights Every Day

E-Nor can work with your analysts, data managers, and chief data officer to build a robust data strategy encompassing the following components:

  • Desiloing of Data
    Bring together data sources such as Web analytics, mobile app analytics, marketing cost data, email, and CRM.
  • Storing and Warehousing
    (Data Lake)

    Consolidate your analytics marketing data in a unified data store that allows for flexible querying.
  • Maintaining Data Quality and Integrity
    Capture data cleanly and consistently to enable sound and confident analysis.
  • Defining Sources of Truth
    Sync analysts and stakeholders on the go-to reports in your organization to facilitate communication and build momentum for optimization.
  • Addressing Security, Privacy, and Compliance
    Ensure customer privacy and comply with the latest international guidelines, including GDPR.
  • Processing and Transforming Data
    Implement required filtering and rewrite flows for efficient analysis and visualization.
  • Aligning on Governance and Ownership
    Identify the key stakeholders responsible for overall integrity, security, and usability of your organization’s analytics and marketing data.
  • Harnessing Data Visualization and Dashboarding
    Create dynamic visualizations that facilitate exploration and insight.
  • Leveraging Report Automation
    Implement report automation for scheduled delivery of customized reports for your range of stakeholders.

Analytics success starts with strategy. Contact us today and learn more about how E-Nor can help with your data strategy.