Data Visualization

Turn your data story into a work of art.

Create presentations that beautifully illustrate the meaning behind your data.

Your data isn’t just a stream of boring numbers. It’s living information with messages to share. You can better explore these narratives with data visualization. Showcasing your data in compelling and visually interesting ways uncovers hidden insights and takes your evaluation of that data to the next level.

Our team and tools make interactive dashboards, attractive reports, and superior visualizations easier than ever before. Together, we’ll connect to your data, picture that data, and share and collaborate with your customers and your team in a whole new way.

With our data visualization you can expect:

  • Fast Connection: Adding data sources to your reports made easy. We can easily access big data, spreadsheets, cloud apps, and more.
  • Insightful Imaging: Use your existing data to form attractive visual summaries. These customizable, unique views help you ask new questions, spot new trends, identify business opportunities, and make data-drive decisions better than before.
  • Easy Sharing: Extend the impact of your insights to others when we help you produce living data stories that empower exploration. You can easily export and email reports. Adjust permissions for different team members such as allowing them to view or edit the visuals.  
  • Business and Marketing Discovery: This foundational step answers important questions about your organization’s goals and values. It uncovers what you should be measuring and achieves the vital step of melding your measurement strategy with your business strategy.
  • Measurement Plan: This is where planning turns into action. We craft business objectives by defining exactly what you want to achieve. We set Key Performance Indicators to measure your progress. And, finally, we create performance targets to indicate when you’ve accomplished your objectives and achieved measurable success.

The report below displays Google Analytics data for the Google Merchandise Store. The report was constructed in Data Studio, one of the visualization tools that E-Nor can help you use to bring your Web, mobile, marketing, and enterprise data to life.

If you’re logged into a Google account, you can access the live report here.