Data Studio

As a free data visualization tool within the Google Marketing Platform, Data Studio offers you a great way to connect to a range of data sources – particularly Google data sources – and create your first visualizations in no time.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy connections to Google data sources that can get overlooked, such as
    • AdWords
    • DCM
    • YouTube
    • Google Search Console
  • View of the Data Studio dashboard doesn’t need to have direct access to any data sources.
  • Partner Connectors – allow you to build their own connectors to third-party applications.
  • You can swap Google Analytics views dynamically in a Data Studio dashboard.
  • You can create and visualize blended data sets.

Client Success

One of our Adobe Migration clients needed to replicate Adobe Analytics’ rules-based approach to data dimension classification. We used Data Studio to provide our client with a robust solution, which we’ve shared in detail on our blog.

We can work with you to build Data Studio dashboards as part of your implementation, reporting, and analysis work with E-Nor.

Visualization of Google Analytics data in Data Studio

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