E-Nor’s Data Intelligence experts have worked with major brands to harness the advanced charting and navigation capabilities Tableau for unlocking insights that might otherwise remain hidden in your data.

Widely recognized as the leading data visualization platform, Tableau supports many built-in data connectors as well as a Web Data Connector, which allows you to build custom connectors to any database.

Feature Highlights

  • Support for custom connectors, making it possible to connect to any database, online or off
  • BigQuery connector
  • Support for R
  • Complex calculations

Client Success

Ecommerce with a Loyalty Program

Long-term Customer Value: Our client needed insight into their customer loyalty program. We identified channels that were driving the greatest long-term customer value.

Electronics Manufacturing Service

Sales lead insights: E-Nor worked with our client to visualize Salesforce data in Tableau. Our client’s Sales team had never run analysis on their data before, and for the first time were able to identify what worked – and what did not – in their efforts to win contracts.

Components of the Tableau Platform

If it’s been a challenge for you to formulate a data visualization strategy on the Tableau platform, or even sort out the required components, E-Nor is here to help.

Tableau Desktop
Application required to build Tableau workbooks. This is where you configure the reports that users can access through Tableau Server or Tableau Online, as described below.

Tableau Server
This is the self-hosted environment from which viewers can access the reports created in Tableau Desktop. On Tableau server, you can create different logins to access reports in the browser.

Tableau Server can also play a role in report automation.

Tableau Server is most suitable in organizations that can support the actual installation and maintenance of the Tableau Server software.

Tableau Online
This is essentially the cloud-based, SaaS equivalent of Tableau Server. Pricing is calculated by login.

For users to access Tableau reports, you have to deploy them either to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, or to both. Tableau Online can act as a good starting point for report distribution before you commit to Tableau Server.

Tableau Reader If you have this desktop application installed, you can consume and interact with the workbook UI basically as you would in Tableau Desktop you’re just not allowed to modify the underlying workbook.

Supporting your Tableau Reporting

E-Nor can help you with:

  • reporting strategy to meet the needs of different stakeholders in your organization
  • report design
  • report generation
  • deployment of Tableau Server within your organization
If you’re thinking about taking the next steps in Tableau for greater reporting insights, contact E-Nor today.