Report Automation

Do less time-consuming manual reporting and focus on higher-value efforts to deepen, communicate, and apply the insights you gain from your reporting work. E-Nor can work with you to build an automated reporting infrastructure to get all of your crucial Google Analytics data into meaningful, C-Suite ready reports.

Service Messaging

E-Nor’s report automation services enable clients to free up the time and willpower required to generate manual reports. The tools in our toolbox and our expert Data Intelligence Services team create automation solutions for connecting disparate data sources to enterprise reporting tools for key insights.

Service Highlights

  • E-Nor’s experts can write the toughest queries and set up a reporting infrastructure your team can rely on.
  • Extract data from sources like BigQuery and backend databases for automated upload to Data Studio or Tableau.

Success Stories

Business with Multiple Locations
Businesses with multiple locations face challenges related to data aggregation when data for their separate offices is collected into unique GA views. E-Nor’s Data Intelligence experts used report automation techniques to set up an automated process for aggregating data across our client’s multiple office locations. Pulling all of this data together for visualization in Tableau uncovered new insights for the client. For example, they learned that Affiliate traffic was converting at a higher rate than other traffic. E-Nor’s expertise in report automation helped our client make decisions for marketing optimization.

Ecommerce with a Loyalty Program
Our client’s GA account was structured in a way that siloed their desktop, Android, and iOS data into separate GA properties. Due to difference in metrics calculations (such as pageview vs. screen views), web data and mobile app data are typically captured into separate Google Analytics properties. While it’s good to record data into the must suitable kind of GA property, this setup makes it difficult for the analyst to answer questions requiring data from both of these sources.

Working with a client who sought to overcome this siloing, E-Nor aggregated their data across GA properties so they could see data from Android, iOS, and desktop views in one place. We used Analytics Canvas to automate daily unsampled data delivery out of the separate GA properties and into an all-encompassing report in Tableau. Now, analysts can analyze data from multiple sources in a dashboard and answer critical business questions more quickly.

Reporting Efficiency for Media Agency

Working with E-Nor’s reporting team, a media agency partner achieved game-changing process efficiency when we worked together to develop an automated reporting solution for Google Analytics data in Excel, which has previously been conducted in Excel. Using Analytics Canvas as a foundation for the solution, we radically streamlined the agency’s monthly reporting process.

E-Nor’s reporting automation solutions can cover a range of inputs and outputs.

Media Agency Case Study: Scaling Excel Reporting through Automation