Google Analytics On-Site Training

On-location training for your entire team, customized to meet your business goals.

Talk to us about your business goals and we’ll create an analytics course that meets your specific needs. Train your entire team without travel time for the participants, on dates that fit your schedule.

Below are some of the most often requested topics:

  • Better understanding your customer journey
  • How to analyze the Lifetime Value of your customers
  • Defining the attribution model that is best for your business goals
  • Data layers, what are they and how do they work?
  • Creating custom, automated, reports for various departments
    • Executive Reports
    • Marketing Reports
    • IT Reports
  • Business Intelligence for strategic planning
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing (Optimize, Optimizely)

On-site courses generally run two to three days, although longer courses are available.

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Our On-Site training can cover:

  • Tools and Skills, including Google Marketing Platform, data engineering, and data visualization
  • Google Analytics (beginner to advanced)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing (Optimize, Optimizely)
  • Data Visualization (Data Studio, Tableau)
  • Firebase
  • Data Engineering (BigQuery/GCP, Talend)
  • Qualitative Inputs (survey integration, online and in-person usability testing)

The greatest benefit of corporate training is the customization of the curriculum and classroom discussions around your specific needs and challenges. Curriculum planning can include:

  • Curriculum structured to accommodate different proficiency levels
  • Baseline audit of your implementation before the training
  • Analytics boot camp or on-boarding for new hires in analytics marketing, web, and mobile app development
  • Support for Center of Excellence and internal communication/collaboration
  • Follow-up recommendations for tool implementation
  • Train-the-trainer

Competitive Advantage

E-Nor’s corporate training program is designed expressly to build analytics competency in your organization while fostering your culture of learning, achievement, communication, and growth.

To learn more about the benefits that E-Nor’s Corporate Training and Coaching program can bring to your organization, contact us today with no obligation.