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Common Questions Asked About Our Google Analytics Training Course

Public Google Analytics Training Course

Instructor-led publicly held courses in major cities worldwide

How does E-Nor’s Google Analytics Course compare to Google’s Analytics Academy? What is the added value?

Google’s recently released Analytics Academy provides a good foundation for basic Google Analytics skills and concepts. This is one of the recommended options prior to attending E-Nor’s Google Analytics Course.

The added value is, In E-Nor’s Google Analytics Course, you’ll go far beyond the basics to learn a broad range of practical techniques – and pitfalls to avoid – for effective Google Analytics implementation, reporting, testing and real, bottom-line increases in sales and leads.

Additional benefits are the small-group focus during the class sessions, the included one-on-one consultations directly with E-Nor’s instructor at the conclusion of Day 2, your individualized three-month development plan, and the ongoing coaching support from your instructor are all designed to guide you to meaningful success in analytics and optimization in a way that an online course cannot.

Can I take just one day of the two-day training ?

While training is most effective when taken as both days, each day is based on an independent curriculum and does not necessarily need to be accompanied by the other training day.

Are meals provided?

Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments are provided on each training day. We are happy to fulfill special dietary requests, kindly inform us when registering.

Do you arrange hotel reservations?

E-Nor does not arrange hotel stays. Our training facility partner MicroTek offers preferred rates for accommodations near our U.S. training venues. See the Hotels tab on the following pages:

Washington, DC

New York City

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Will this course prepare me for the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) test?

While the course is not designed specifically for GAIQ preparation, the course materials and the final test cover most of the subject matter that you should encounter on the GAIQ. Your instructor can advise on GAIQ preparation strategies.

How does the coaching work?

For six months after the training, your instructor can provide direct support on any of the topics covered in training. You can coordinate a conference call or screen share with your instructor at any time, within reasonable expectations.

What will my three-month development plan consist of?

After training, you’ll be provided with a template to help you specify your objectives in Google Analytics and conversion optimization over the three months after your training. The development plan does not have to strictly follow a single format or meet a certain set of requirements; it just needs to articulate specific, meaningful, and measurable objectives for a three-month time frame.

Once you submit your development plan, your instructor will provide feedback and any necessary assistance in finalizing your objectives.

You’re encouraged to complete the development plan, but submission is fully optional.

Do I receive a certificate?

You receive a Certificate of Attendance for the days attended, whether or not you take the final test referred to below.

Is there a test?

Each training day will include two validation quizzes. Scoring on these quizzes is informal and anonymous and has no bearing on course completion.

Those participants who complete both days of training also have the option of taking a final test.

How long is the test? How hard is the test? What’s the passing score? Can I retake it if I don’t pass? How long do I have to pass it?

The test, which is optional, contains approximately 50 true-false or multiple-choice questions. It is not designed to be unduly difficult but is sufficiently challenging to verify competency with the materials.

Passing score is 80%. You can take the test an unlimited number of times, even for reference after you pass.

If you do not complete your test in one sitting, you can pause and resume.

What materials do I receive?

Every participant receives:

  • A printed course summary
  • Slides presented in training
  • Key takeaways and recommended actions for each day
  • Script resources to help your implementation (Day 1)
Do I need access to an existing Google Analytics account?

Ideally, you should have access, at the Administrator level, to an existing Google Analytics account that has already captured data for at least a few months. We will be happy to provide Administrator access to a Google Analytics account if you do not already have access.

During training, we’ll also refer to the Google Analytics demo account for the Google Merchandise store, which you can access at any time.

Do I need a laptop?

Yes bring a laptop to the sessions so you can directly participate in the hands-on exercises and the quizzes.

Can I cancel?

Cancel for a full-refund anytime 14 days before your registered course start date. Please contact us at or call 866.638.7367 if you have any questions.

Are discounts available for multiple participants from a single organization?

Yes. If there are multiple participants from your organization, contact us at or call 866.638.7367.

Are discounts available for governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations?

We are happy to extend standard discounts for governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations. Contact us at or call 866.638.7367.

Are discounts available for a two-day registration?

The two-day registration price ($1350 USD) reflects a 10% discount from the single-day price ($750 USD).

Do I need to know anything about Google Analytics before attending the course?

The course is designed for those who are currently at the beginning to intermediate level in Google Analytics and beginning level in Google Tag Manager.

If your experience is very limited, we recommend that you review the following modules at Google Analytics Academy before taking the E-Nor’s Google Analytics online course:

Unit 2 – Getting Started with Digital Analytics
Core Analysis Techniques
Conversions and Conversion Attribution

Unit 3 – Understanding and Using Google Analytics Data
Key Metrics and Definitions Defined

Unit 5 – Navigating Google Analytics Reports
Audience Reports
Behavior Reports
Acquisition Reports

Reviewing our visual glossary would also be helpful for those who are new to Google Analytics.

Do I need to know how to code?

No. The more technical topics, particularly regarding implementation, will be thoroughly explained without any assumption of prior coding or Web development experience. For participants who want to deepen their competencies in Google Tag Manager tagging, specific learning resources on HTML, CSS selectors, and JavaScript will be recommended as part of the training follow-up.

Customized Corporate Training @ Your Office

Instructor-led training in-person at your office.

Why would I choose training at my office?

No need to travel; the training comes to you. Additionally, this onsite training option allows for deeper dive into your specific analytics areas of of concern, growth and focus, including C-suite dashboards, reporting by line of business, JavaScript tactics needed for implementation, and workflows among marketers, analysts, and developers.

Is the curriculum customizable?

Yes. The instructor works with you to create a curriculum that’s fully adapted to your business objectives and your team’s current level of competence.

What is the duration?

Depending on your requirements, we normally recommend one or two days of training. You can also opt for multiple, progressive training sessions over the course of several weeks or months.

Do you offer customized online training?

Yes. In addition to in-person training, we offer online training customized for your organization.

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