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Sign up for E-Nor’s immersive, hands-on training course and learn the skills you need to start using Google Analytics as a dynamic engine for website improvement and bottom-line growth.

You’ll learn the specific implementation and configuration requirements for capturing the right data and the active reporting and testing techniques for gaining a real understanding of visitor behavior and maximizing online lead generation and sales.

Recommended for:

  • Marketers responsible for using Google Analytics to generate greater ROI from search engine optimization, paid search, email, and other marketing initiatives
  • Web administrators or developers responsible for effective Google Analytics implementation at the coding and configuration level
  • Anyone seeking immersive, comprehensive training in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager as a foundation for improving visitor experience and driving ongoing, bottom-line website optimization

Benefits of enrolling for both days:

Days 1 and 2 are designed to complement each other, but each day does offer a separate curriculum.

If you enroll in both days…

  • you can optionally submit a three-month Google Analytics development plan (up to two weeks after your training) for review by your instructor
  • after three months, you can review progress on your development plan with your instructor and set longer-term objectives

Enroll today, get the skills that you need to use Google Analytics effectively and begin maximizing the value of your website.

Training for 3 or more people in your organization: please contact us at 1-855-464-7985 to learn more about the option of customized training at your location.

Government, education, and group discounts: please contact us at 1-855-464-7985 for details.

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