Migrating to Google Analytics

Benefits of Switching to Google Analytics

FREE Standard Edition – Stretch Your Valuable Marketing Dollars

Reduce costs. Unlike other expensive analytics tools, Google Analytics (Standard Edition) is 100% Free. You still get the power of a premium enterprise measuring solution, however, on top of that, spend your budget on extra benefits like training your staff and advanced technical and business strategy support.

Includes Enterprise Level Features Out-of-the-Box

Dont let “FREE” fool you. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful digital analytics tools out there. Millions of companies use it, including Fortune 25.

  • Advanced analysis techniques and flexible configuration and implementation at your fingertips
  • Get key metrics needed for informed decision making are in the tool

Professional Services and Support

Google’s FREE tool (Google Analytics) allows you to select additional professional services to fit your budget, instead of spending all your money on the tool itself.

  • Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP) E-Nor is among many trained & certified partners, experienced in Google Analytics configuration and installation, there to help you with the most complex questions and issues at a moments notice.
  • Help Topics and Forums Google has a large collection of documentation as well as a community of millions using the tool and contributing to tips and support issues.
  • Email Support Email any of the GACP’s or contact Google themselves for support issues.
  • Online Training and Webinars Because Google Analytics is so widely used, there are a plethora of online tutorials, videos, programs, events, etc – most are FREE.


Is my data secure if hosted on Google Servers?

  • Yes. In fact, when you set up Google Analytics, you have three data sharing options to choose from:
    • Share no data
    • Share data for product improvements
    • Share data anonymously for benchmarking
  • In addition to deciding if you want to share data or not, Google has extensive security mechanisms in place to protect your data. Google also has redundant systems so down time is rare, if ever.
  • The Google Analytics Premium Alternative. Google Analytics offers a paid Premium Edition which consists of more processing power, advanced analysis tools and dedicated support.  Learn more about Google Analytics Premium

The Migration Plan

Yes, you can migrate to Google Analytics! Migrating to Google Analytics is not a 1-2-3 step process, but it doesn’t have to be an 18-month project either.

At E-Nor, our experienced Google Analytics specialists will help you with the transition, whether you are using Omniture, WebTrends, Coremetrics, Yahoo! Web Analytics (YWA) or another web analytics software.

You will benefit from our collective technical expertise in implementation, planning, migration management, process, training, professional services and support.

You will also benefit from Google Analytics Enterprise level features including advanced segmentation and custom reporting, focusing your resources on building your analytics processes and bringing in technical expertise/consultants when needed.