Google Analytics Training Services

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Learn how to derive insights from your ocean of data through one of our training options.

Public Google Analytics Training Courses and Workshops

Instructed by industry veteran Eric Fettman (founder of, E-Nor holds public Google Analytics Training Courses all around the United States as well as around the world. We give you the skills to increase sales, leads, and visitor satisfaction on your site. Even after our course, receive direct coaching from your instructor to drive ongoing improvement and personal development in Web Analytics.

Custom On-Site/Online Workshops for Executive Training

At E-Nor, we can provide you with analytics for the executive team, Google Analytics set-up, user interface, custom reports and dashboards and best ways to segment data and drill down into the details. With our services, there aren’t the hassles of travel – we come train you at your location. We also offer on-line training customized to your team’s skill set and specific needs. E-Nor’s consultants have traveled the globe conducting Google Analytics training – please contact us for more details about training options.

Common Problems We’ve Helped Organizations Resolve

  • I don’t trust my data
  • No data in my reports
  • Goals & funnel setup
  • AdWords & GA integration reports show too much or not enough data
  • Implementing e-commerce and payment gateway tracking
  • Reviewing profiles, filters and segments
  • Report automation
  • Creation of measurement, reporting and analysis processes
  • API usage
  • Dashboard creation & automation
  • Analytics needs assessment
  • What can be done with analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for business, marketing and technical stakeholders
  • Ensure goals (conversion points) are clearly mapped to business objectives
  • Establish a reporting framework & data collection and aggregation requirements

Areas We Help You Master

Implementation & Campaign Tracking

  • User interface – reports & features (including new GA v5 features)
  • Segmentation capabilities users, accounts, profiles & filters goals & funnels
  • Clean & comprehensive data: implementation tips & best practices
  • Channel & campaign tracking

Marketing Optimization & Advanced Capabilities

  • Campaign segmentation & analysis
  • Search marketing & keyword analysis custom reports & dashboards
  • Advanced capabilities & features
    • Attribution: multi-channel funnels
    • Flow visualization
    • Real time
  • Social, mobile & event tracking (Flash, video, etc.)

Continued Google Analytics Support

Our Google Analytics specialists will work with your team to support technical and analytical needs, whether it is basic tag implementation, custom code or Google Analytics tool configuration. E-Nor provides on-demand (hourly) support, pre-paid blocks of support or a monthly retainer. Please contact us for more information or to purchase Google Analytics Support.
  • Pre-implementation analytics planning support
  • Post-implementation customization support
  • Reporting, consulting & analysis support
  • Process improvement and training