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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an easier, faster and more reliable tag management solution, with a price tag that doesn't even come close to the competitors. Let the knowledgeable and trained staff at E-Nor show you how marketing managers across the globe are taking control of their tag management program through GTM.

Our national Google Analytics training courses will make you and your team proficient in Google Tag Manager, but for even more in-depth discussions on Google Tag Manager deployment within your organization, you might also consider our consulting services or training at your location.

In our training and consulting programs, we start with the foundational concepts and build towards to the more advanced features within Google Tag Manager. The range of topics include:

  • Container code installation
  • Google Analytics pageview, event, and Ecommerce tagging through GTM
  • Open-ended tagging for additional third-party code
  • Using variables for efficiency and flexibility
  • Communicating to the container through the data layer
  • Publishing, workflow, and governance
  • Testing and debugging

Begin taking full advantage of all Google Tag Manager’s. Contact us today at 1.866.638.7367 or complete the form above with no obligation.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager

  • Easy to Use. GTM puts the power of tag management in the hands of you, the marketer. But don’t fret IT folks, you will love it too. GTM greatly enhances not only the speed of tag deployment, but also the process and structure surrounding tag deployment.
  • Tag Management Across the Board. One tag to rule them all! Both Google and non-Google marketing and analytics tools are supported through GTM.
  • More Than Just Management. E-Nor is a Google Analytics Premium Authorized Reseller, and we help you develop a scalable tag deployment methodology, leveraging industry best practices and customizations suited towards your needs.
  • Have Confidence in Your Data. Collecting reliable data means time and money savings in the long run. With GTM, you’ll have the ability to preview tags before they are published. Combine the many years of data collection and analytics experience of E-Nor, with all the benefits of GTM, and be worry-free when it comes to tag management.
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E-Nor is a leading web analytics and digital marketing optimization consulting firm headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California. Clients include Fortune 500, as well as organizations with advanced analytics needs and those aspiring to establish a data-driven culture. E-Nor leverages its time-tested digital analytics optimization framework to bring actionable insights to some of the world's most recognized brands including Sony, SanDisk, MIT, eBay, Intuit, Accenture and more.

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