Case Studies

Tivo Case Study

Universal Analytics – TiVo Partners with E-Nor and Google Analytics to Build a Better Mobile App

The user behavior and performance insights gained by the Google Analytics solution have helped the duo understand the success of…

Google Tag Manager Case Study

Google Tag Manager – Global Hi-Tech Company Simplifies Process and Tag Deployment

"Google Tag Manager has delivered exceptional value to our company globally…GTM doesn’t just provide our marketing executives with a…"

SFMOMA Google Analytics Case Study

SFMOMA Chooses Google Analytics and Masters the Art of Metrics

"User engagement and consumption of content were two challenges for SFMOMA. E-Nor planned and instrumented a robust Google…

SFMOMA Google Analytics Case Study

OEMPCWorld Leverages New E-Nor & Google Innovation, Saves Money & Expands Products

E-Nor partnered with the Google Analytics team and ShufflePoint to beta test (and later fully launch) new functionality which allows for…

B2B: 3x increase in number of leads for less marketing spend + 3x increase in conversion rate

This telecommunications company contacted E-Nor to help reduce their high cost per qualified lead. After reviewing the campaign goals…

B2C: 5 fold reduction in eCommerce cost per transaction

An international eCommerce sports fitness equipment retailer needed to reduce cost per transaction. E-Nor was engaged to help decrease…