Success and Services Snapshots

Telling a concise and compelling story with data is part science and part art. Here are some concise and compelling stories about our service offerings, as well as the success we’ve had with our clients. They are short, quick reads, meant to be easily shared.

Success Snapshots

Raised conversion rates while lowering cost of acquisition for global staffing firm

The Challenge: HR executives at this staffing firm sought to increase its high-quality candidate pool to meet the growing needs of global clients and reduce the cost of acquisition.

Increased Revenue and Customer Retention for Leading US Restaurant Chain Through BigQuery Analytics

The Challenge: The Vice President of Product Management of a leading American restaurant chain and international franchise told E-Nor that a large percentage of customers were not signing up for its loyalty program.

Construct Customer Journey Insight Platform with SalesForce and Google Analytics for Higher Education Start Up

The Challenge: The CEO of an innovative higher education learning community start up needed to create highly focused audience segments from the same demographic to drive member growth and engagement responded to and engaged with content after responding to email marketing, social media, and SEM.

Enterprise Migration to Google Analytics 360 for a Global Ticket Sales Brand

The Challenge: One of the largest ticket sales and distribution companies in the world, used multiple databases that were costly and disconnected – a situation that created both significant risks to security and business decision-making. Further complicating the existing environment was a dependence on Adobe Analytics digital data feeds.

Successfully completing the most ambitious Google Analytics project even undertaken by the US Government

The Challenge: Creating a web measurement infrastructure to be deployed across all US Federal government agencies to enabled measurement, benchmarking, and public visibility into all web traffic data.

Global online publisher builds business case to invest in mobile learning app

The Challenge: After investing millions of dollars into a mobile learning app, the publisher sought to understand whether audiences were engaging with the app as forecast.

Improving customer satisfaction for a federal government agency through the power of voice of customer and web site visitor data

The Challenge: A long-time user of ForeSee Customer Satisfaction data, this government agency wanted to integrate that data with Google Analytics to understand how survey respondents actually engaged with web site content.

Leading automotive industry web hosting & lead generation platform aspires to create intuitive marketing dashboards from an array of data sources

The Challenge: Legacy database and reporting systems simply could not keep up with demands to provide both clients and company leadership with clean, clear and easily understandable reports and dashboards to properly and proactively manage these marketing investments.

Service Snapshots