Analytics solutions are more powerful today than ever, but you need a committed, expert partner to help you fully understand your options, stay current and competitive with important new features, and gain the greatest overall advantage.

Whether it’s the Google Marketing Platform / Cloud Platform, A/B testing, social sentiment analysis, or the analytics management platforms built by our own engineers, let us help you deploy the right tools the right way and achieve maximum benefit for your organization.

What We Do

  • We define the role of BigQuery – as your marketing analytics hub, or as the “source of truth” for all digital data to feed your enterprise data lake.
  • We develop a data collection and integration strategy – recommending the most efficient, accurate and forward thinking and low impact data import and export methods.
  • We plan and execute the full data intelligence roadmap – activities to capture, transfer and integrate data from web, mobile, social, survey, CRM, call center, and offline sources. We incorporate visualization, reporting, training and analysis components to enable your teams take full advantage of single view of customer behavior and engagement.

Our Clients Include