Crimson Hexagon

Let social media intelligence show you the way.

Tap into more than 1 trillion social media posts for answers to your most important questions.

There are endless answers and possibilities hiding in social media. But it takes a certain kind of science to discover the unknown. Crimson Hexagon allows us to answer strategic business questions using customizable categories.

We can examine everything from consumer trends to purchase intent, and product attributes to category-level conversations. This high-powered social media analytics platform already has all the data for you. We can tap into that stockpile and analyze it for your specific, personalized business needs.

With Crimson Hexagon, we can help you:

  • Discover helpful visualizations like topic wheels and word clouds so you can easily measure key topics of conversation and spot trends
  • Analyze text with the tool’s customizable features to help review conversations and identify categories that should be measured
  • Monitor your social media accounts, and those of your competitors, to see what’s working and what’s not
  • Reveal new context to your analysis by digging deep and learning about the people behind what’s being said online, their common interests, what moves them to action, and why
  • And so much more