Google Marketing Platform + Salesforce CRM

A Powerful Integration

Google and Salesforce now offer native integration of Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud that allow enterprises to:


Personalize Ads for Qualified Sales Leads

Target Google Ads in Display & Video 360, Google Ads and Search Ads to “lookalike audiences” built from Salesforce Sales Cloud qualified leads and “closed/won” segments – or retargeting leads and customers.


Personalize Customer Experience Across Entire Sales Cycle

Publish and test personalized content with Google Optimize to audiences built from Salesforce Marketing Cloud email responses, and Salesforce Sales Cloud prospect lifecycle stage.


Develop Single View of Customers From All Marketing and Sales Channels

Use Google BigQuery to build, integrate, analyze and segment customer engagement data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, web, mobile, campaign, social, surveys, back office, and third-party data.

E-Nor – From Strategy to Integration to Results

  • Identify use cases, KPIs, systems, resources, roles and processes.
  • Design and conduct the configuration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud and GA 360 for data collection and audience segmentation that drives Google Display & Video, Google Ads, Search Ads, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud email and marketing automation.
  • Fine-tune Salesforce and GA 360 to learn as much as you can from customer engagements with web site forms, digital content, and marketing campaigns.
  • Develop metrics frameworks and enhance data value through lead scoring, predictive modeling, multi-channel attribution, and third-party market research.
  • Automated dashboards, reports, and deep-dive cross channel campaign, device and content insights to guide customer experience and personalization.
  • Customized executive, marketing and operational team training to teach your organization how to take control of the GA 360 and Salesforce platforms.

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