Google Marketing Platform

Marketing optimization done the right way.

We believe a tool is only as good as the hands that wield it. When you use E-Nor, we put the best, most capable hands to work for you.

With more than a decade of experience, E-Nor is one of the most established firms in the industry. Our experts across the globe are used to solving the most complex challenges. We’ve earned the respect, and repeat business, of some of the world’s most recognized brands.

We also have Google’s respect, having earned the highest possible rating on the official Google Partners portal. We love Google and Google loves us. Our close partnership puts us on the forefront of technology and we always know the most efficient way to use the latest tools.

Using the Google Marketing Platform allows our team to give you the most complete look possible at all your data needs.

Start seeing results today. Let our experts get their hands on all these tools:

Analytics 360

Track your customers the right way

This may be the most commonly used measurement tool — but it’s also the one businesses seem to mess up the most. As a certified GA partner, we’re trained to use Google Analytics the right way — ensuring you get the best possible results. Plus, with services such as, training and reporting support, you’ll never be left to fend for yourself. The retail price of Analytics 360 is $150K/year for 0-500M hits/month.

We are certified by Google in Analytics 360.

Tag Manager 360

Set up your tags the right way

The first step to good data is good tagging. We’ll handle the tedious and error-prone process of tag management for you. You’ll save time and gain accurate insights on user behavior with our experts in the driver’s seat.

We are certified by Google in Tag Manager 360.

Optimize 360

Test and personalize the right way

Complex testing made simple. Using this tool, we can closely examine multiple pages and tell you which one your customers like best. We’ll integrate your testing deeply with the data that matters most to you. Your customers will love the results — and you will too.

We are certified by Google in Optimize 360.

Data Studio

See your most important data the right way

Visualization is key. We’ll set up Data Studio connectors that take you straight to the data you need. Your entire team will get to it quickly and easily on the first try. With our experts in control, all that raw data magically transforms into useable and readable reports and dashboards.

We are certified by Google in Data Studio.


Run custom surveys without complexity

Gather audience insights data to complement your digital marketing and web analytics data. This highly focused yet flexible survey platform can target the audiences that are most important for you and provide results in as little as three days. Survey types include website satisfaction surveys, market research, brand awareness surveys, brand favorability surveys, and more.

Collaborate with a Survey 360-certified E-Nor consultant to design your survey and analyze results.