Google Optimize 360

Test. Adapt. Personalize.

Google’s Optimize 360 is a powerful component of the Google Analytics 360 Suite. With Optimize 360, you can utilize deep native integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to take audience insights directly into action in a seamless way that no other A/B testing tool can provide.

The availability of an advanced visual editor makes it possible to create a new variant of a page quickly, and without needing to recode your site each time. It is easy enough for marketers to be able to make changes to both desktop and mobile Website experiments. Optimize 360 also provides code-level controls and server side options for more advanced testing needs.

Powerful WYSIWYG editor allows marketers to make changes quickly and easily.

With Optimize 360, we can help you:

  • Perform A/B, A/B/n, multivariate, and redirect tests
  • Build audiences to target based on Google Analytics audiences and user segments
  • Create custom reports on your tests within Google Analytics 360 to find deeper insights or build testing dashboards
  • Analyze your test variations against multiple goal, Ecommerce, and overall performance metrics, even after test has already started with other objectives – no need to rebuild reports mid-test
  • Utilize advanced capabilities for simultaneous experiments
  • Enable large-scale experiment data analysis by pushing to Google BigQuery
Test small changes to decrease bounce rate over time

Test small changes to decrease bounce rate over time


Google Optimize 360

Create audiences from analytics insights to target in your experiments.

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