It’s time to get the whole picture.

Gain the confidence you need and the solutions you want with our expert analysis.

A comprehensive audit of your measurement plan, analytics strategy, and tag management instrumentation is the first step in creating a data-driven culture that works for you.

We don’t just identify inconsistencies— we identify real opportunities that are sure to give you a sharp advantage over your competitors.

With our audit you can expect:

  • User Behavior Review: Are you properly tracking all user interactions such as downloads, video interactions, page scrolling, social clicks, and more?
  • Ecommerce Analysis: We’ll ensure you’ve implemented the necessary goal and e-commerce tracking that map to your KPIs and allow you to identify drop-off points in your conversion funnel.
  • Acquisition Channels Investigation: Get help measuring the real worth of your marketing campaigns. We’ll make sure your campaign tags are in order by checking for consistency and accuracy.
  • Integrated Reporting Testing: Are you capturing the user journey across multiple websites as an integrated experience? We’ll look at options for incorporating data from multiple websites or apps into integrated roll-up reporting.
  • Content Taxonomies & User Classifications Diagnostics: Your analytics implementation needs to reflect the back-end taxonomies or classifications of your content and your users’ content. Let us take a closer look.
  • Back-End Integration Check-Up: Are you storing the necessary back-end identifiers in your analytics data? A few fixes will ensure you’re gaining analytics lead qualification and customer lifetime value by original traffic channels and behaviors.

As part of our audit process, we examine your current tag management system – including tags, triggers, variables, and the associated data layer – and provide detailed recommendations for comprehensive tagging strategy and governance.