Measurement Strategy

Everything starts with a good plan.

Cut through the confusion and gain control for bigger business and organizational benefit.

Strategy leads to understanding. Building this blueprint includes detailed work addressing technology, people, and processes. We keep everything on one focused track: from helping select vendors, to identifying talent gaps, to reviewing code deployment, to assisting with audience segmentation, to campaign tagging, and beyond.

The most important time to develop and implement your strategy is now. Don’t wait until your performance begins to falter. Having a system in place ahead of time allows you to understand your success factors, quickly respond to crises, and steadily drive improvement. You’ll optimize with confidence once you gain a high-level view of your websites, mobile apps, and marketing channels and their impact on offline performance and customer lifetime value.

With our measurement strategy you can expect:

  • Optimization Framework: Perfecting your process is an ongoing, methodical journey. We believe in following the optimization pyramid to effectively build your way to insight, action, and impact.
  • Status Quo Assessment: We won’t reinvent your system — we’ll take it to optimum performance by closely assessing your current situation. Our time-tested auditing system looks at everything from tracking codes to CRM integration to account structure.
  • Process and Communication Check-up: It’s time to get your entire team on the same page. We’ll identify gaps in data collection, clarify team roles and ownership, and streamline your analytics practice overall.
  • Business and Marketing Discovery: This foundational step answers important questions about your organization’s goals and values. It uncovers what you should be measuring and achieves the vital step of melding your measurement strategy with your business strategy.
  • Measurement Plan: This is where planning turns into action. We craft business objectives by defining exactly what you want to achieve. We set Key Performance Indicators to measure your progress. And, finally, we create performance targets to indicate when you’ve accomplished your objectives and achieved measurable success.

What We Do

  • Define the Data Sets – Deep dive discovery to learn about your customers, the online and offline data you have to identify who they are and what they do – across all your channels. Define the behavioral, customer and transactional segments that we can use to start our model development.
  • Define the Lifetime Customer Value Model – Brainstorm and hypothesize models that make sense from a business perspective. Then review the data to understand its characteristics, how to access it and what tools and methods we can use to analyze it.
  • Test the Model – Conduct targeted and focused historical analyses to identify trends and anomalies that we can use for definition of Customer Lifetime Value metrics that makes sense for your business.
  • Analyze the Results – Identify potentially valuable and forecast their responses to campaigns and promotions.
  • Create and Test the Strategy – Recommend campaigns and offers to test and roll out to your customers. Manage through a smartly paced, efficient timeline that has an ongoing cadence of testing and learning.