Social Analytics

When it comes to social, others may give you data. We give you insights.

Leverage social media data in a highly customized way that works specifically for your business.

We understand it’s a priority for businesses today to harness the power of social. When used the right way, social data opens up a world of endless ideas, information, and possibilities. It can help marketers audit competitors, create viral content, identify influencers, explain purchase intent, and so much more.

E-Nor combines the best social analytics and reporting platforms available to get the job done. Our world-class delivery team works with various platforms to ensure our solutions adapt to customer needs and produce actionable insights that improve the way you do business on the web.

With our social analytics you can expect:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our solutions give you unlimited mentions and cover all social media data sources, news, reviews, blogs, and forums.
  • Domain Expertise: We look at your needs and pick the best tools available to maximize the results. Our industry-specific intelligence is used with every client, every time.
  • Insights: Forget the all-too-common data dump. We provide clear, smart, detailed, intelligence reports for real-world businesses decisions.
  • Learning Platform: Our work is continuous. We’re constantly making adjustments to improve results along the way. Plus, we always use custom categorizing of conversions beyond just the sentiment analysis.
  • Seamless Integration: Our integration process won’t give you a headache. We make it easy to add our one-stop-shop dashboard to your system for all your digital analytics.