Critical Analytics Skills for Agencies

Demonstrate ROI for your clients.

Is analytics the missing piece of your puzzle?

In a sea of agencies that casually claim to know analytics, real analytics competency can be a meaningful differentiator for your agency that empowers you to provide significant additional value in all kinds of projects.

An Important Complement to Many Services

If your agency provides any of the following services, analytics can help to reinforce and multiply the benefit that you provide to your clients:

  • media/marketing
  • PR
  • design
  • web development
  • mobile app development

Essential, Actionable Skills

Our training is designed to build skills in the following critical areas:

  • clean campaign and channel tracking
  • multi-channel attribution
  • ROI on marketing
  • calculating customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • measuring store visits and offline transactions
  • content performance
  • dashboarding
  • custom reporting and alerting
  • reporting automation
  • audience segmentation
  • implementation and tag management
  • advanced analysis
  • predictive modeling


As an agency, it is our top priority to provide measurable value to our clients, and we can help you provide even greater value to your own.

We have conducted a range of effective training with media and development agencies. We can customize any of the following courses for the specific objective of helping your agency enhance your own service portfolio and better serve your clients.

Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager Training

Data Studio Training

Tableau Training

BigQuery Training

Predictive Modeling Training Course for Marketing and Conversion Optimization

Train the Trainer

In our Train the Trainer program, we train one or more individuals in your agency to deliver analytics training and support on an ongoing basis to clients as well as to other individuals in your agency.

So if you want your agency to begin speaking about – and acting on – analytics with confidence, authority, and the knowledge required to generate and demonstrate real ROI for your clients, contact us today at E-Nor Analytics University with no obligation.

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