Learn Advanced Data Studio Techniques in Customized Training

As a relatively new offering in the Google Marketing Platform, Data Studio has made free, fast, and easy data visualization a reality, and its feature set continues to grow along with its adoption.

E-Nor’s Data Studio training thoroughly covers the essentials of Data Studio and data visualization as a discipline. We also teach advanced techniques that will empower you to create the most effective visualizations for your own reporting and for sharing with managers, executives, and other departments.

Meet Your Instructor

Mike Anderson

Lead Trainer and Education Consultant

Mike has a passion for all things data and data visualization, utilizing his BA in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas. With certifications in Tableau and Data Studio, he strives to deliver powerful data visualizations that drive impactful business decisions.

Mike is a skilled communicator with a wide-ranging understanding of business and analytics challenges. Mike designs and delivers training that empowers you with the concepts and the tool skills you need for constructing effective and impactful data visualization.

Choose Delivery: In-Person, Online or Blended Learning

We can design an effective plan for in-person or online training or a combination of the two.

Live Instructor-Led Training at Your Location

Live, instructor-led training is still the most effective type of learning for teams. Face-to-face communication allows the learning experience to not only be heard but also seen and felt. We can conduct highly interactive training sessions at your location, with groups ranging from just 2 or 3 to as many as 50 participants.

Remote participants are welcome to join the live sessions through web conferencing.

Live Online Training

Online delivery is another option for our training. This might be the best option for remote teams. We can plan multiple sessions to accommodate different time zones.

E-Nor is glad to provide the conferencing or to use your system. By default, we provide recordings of the online sessions.

Duration: Get Multiple Days of High-Impact Learning

Most of our training programs span two days. We offer one-day programs for streamlined training and three days or more for deeper dives into specialized topics. We’ll work with you to identify the schedule that’s right for your team.

Training days typically start at 8:00-9:30 AM and conclude at 4:00-5:30 PM. The instructor is normally available for open-ended Q&A during breaks and after the final session of the day. We are flexible in accommodating the scheduling needs of your team as well as one-on-one discussions.

For online training, we recommend multiple shorter sessions, typically 2 hours per session and not exceeding 4.

Address Your Business Needs with Technical Foundations

We design the training to directly address your business requirements and the technical challenges of the tools you’re using.

To the greatest extent possible, we use your own data in the training, and we frame each session to be fully relevant for the participants.

Agenda Planning: How It Works

3-6 weeks prior to the training date, the instructor will schedule a call, typically one hour long, with one or more of your training organizers to plan the agenda. We are glad to schedule additional calls before the training as is helpful: thorough preparation is key for successful training outcomes.

Broadly speaking, the agenda can cover the following areas:

  • Starting out with sample data sources and templates
  • Setting up your own data sources
    • Google Analytics
    • YouTube
    • Google Ads
    • BigQuery
    • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
    • Google Search Console
    • CSV
  • Extracting and cleaning data from third-party data sources
  • Dynamic filtering and data selection
  • Choosing the most effective charts for your data:
    • Time Series
    • Bar Chart
    • Combo Chart
    • Score Card
    • Geo Map
  • Creating calculated metrics
  • Using the Data Control to dynamically change Google Analytics data sources
  • Blended data sources
  • Automated dashboard sharing with individuals and teams

We can also survey participants for potential topics to incorporate into the agenda.

After gathering your requirements, we build the agenda. We can also break out an overview at the beginning or end of the agenda, suitable for executives or any other stakeholders who would benefit from a higher-level summary.

We submit the final agenda for your signoff, and also provide a basic logistical checklist for classroom setup or online participation.

We always encourage active participation in the training, and we’re glad to adjust the agenda live on the training days; our highest concern is to provide your team with the most worthwhile learning experience.

Prep work may be assigned to participants prior to the course dates as suitable based on your objectives for the training.

Training Across Departments

Our training sessions often include participants representing multiple departments and functions in your organization:

  • analysts
  • marketers
  • data team
  • product managers
  • web and mobile app developers
  • IT admins
  • executives

Participants often find it informative to attend the sessions that are not directly aligned with their roles, but we can also structure the agenda into self-contained sessions for attendance by specific teams.

We can also discuss how E-Nor can equip you to support and expand learning in your organization once the training sessions have concluded:

  • train-the-trainer
  • building a center of excellence

Testing and Certification: Validate Your Knowledge

As part of your training program, E-Nor can build one or more tests to help participants retain the training material and to assess competency.

We can deliver testing on the platform we use or deploy to your internal learning management system (LMS).

Coaching and Follow-Up Support: Apply the Skills and Continue Learning

Depending on the curriculum, we can provide customized follow-up guides, job aids, queries, scripts, and utilities to support the skills learned in the training.

If there are broader questions in training that the instructor is not in a position to answer immediately, the instructor can confer with E-Nor’s expert team of consultants, implementation engineers, data engineers, data scientists, and data visualizers to provide you with a helpful response. Through your E-Nor instructor(s), you have the indirect support of the E-Nor’s entire team of analytics professionals.

Longer-Term Coaching

E-Nor is committed to your long-term success. You have access to your instructor for ad hoc email and phone support and even 60-minute follow-up webinars for a minimum of 6 months following the training dates.

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