Urchin Analytics by Google

NOTE: Google Urchin Software has been
Discontinued By Google as of March 28th, 2012

Discontinued? We can still help.

Urchin has been discontinued by Google, however, on occasion, organizations still use this tool and need support. As a certified Urchin partner, E-Nor is available to provide that to you.

Click here contact us and inquire.


Analytics Software installed locally on your servers.

  • 64-bit processing can handle large logfiles at an impressive speed
  • Direct integration with Adwords
  • Up to 1000 domains
  • No log limits
  • Installed & managed on your servers
  • Customize to your environment, more internal control
  • Configure log file frequency and format as you wish
  • Excellent for protected firewall intranet environments
  • Run both Google Analytics & Urchin simultaneously
  • Audit pre- or post-processed data
  • Report & analyze search engine robot traffic, server errors and file types
  • Visitor Drill Down, the targeted details you want and need
  • ROI & key performance indicator metrics
  • eCommerce conversions
  • A/B Testing
  • Available in 11 officially supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugese (Brazil), Dutch, Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Korean

Urchin Support

E-Nor provides installation and configuration support, on-demand (hourly) support, prepaid blocks of support or on a monthly retainer basis. Please contact us for more information or to purchase Urchin support.

  • Urchin software installation, upgrade, or Configuration
  • Integration with Google AdWords
  • Tag traffic sources and campaigns so you can see visits in the right “bucket”
  • Sift through the data, make sense of it, and create action plans
  • Audit Urchin installations to verify correct configuration
  • Optimize online search marketing campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click keyword performance


Pricing for a hosted Urchin solution depends on your specific needs and includes the following factors:

  • Desired version of Urchin (6 or 7)
  • Database preference
  • Size of webserver logs
  • Long term data storage
  • Urchin customizations
  • Custom reporting

Urchin vs. Google Analytics

Feature Urchin 7 Google Analytics
Can be used on firewall-protected corporate intranets Yes No
Reprocess historical data from log files Yes No
Reports on robots and user-agents Yes No
Reports on server errors/status codes Yes No
Tightly integrated with AdWords Yes Yes
Can report on paid search campaigns Yes Yes
Ecommerce/Conversion reporting Yes Yes
Goal Funnel Visualization Yes Yes
Geo Map Overlay Yes Yes
Individual Visitors History Drilldown Yes No
Use Javascript Yes Yes
Data Export via API Yes Yes
Advanced Segmentation Yes Yes
Custom Reports Yes Yes
Price $9,995 Free

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